About Us

Meet Owner/Baker Jessica

Hi! My name is Jessica and let me be the first to welcome you to Red Bandana Bakery, come on in and let me tell you about myself and where it all started! 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in the kitchen, baking, learning, experimenting with all sorts of different flavors. As a little girl, I'd put on my own baking show, using playdough of course but, hey you’ve gotta start somewhere! From there it only blossomed into baking with my great grandma on the weekends, spending countless hours perfecting each recipe, and that’s what makes Red Bandana so great! It's family recipes passed down from generation to generation with a couple secrets sprinkled in. 

After high school, I realized my passion for baking and decided to pursue it further by attending Johnson and Wales where my passion for baking only grew. However life happened and I found a new passion for children, though I never stopped perfecting my craft. I found joy in making goodies for the neighbors, friends, and family but it felt like something was missing. 

The Fall of 2017 I took the plunge and opened up my own business, Red Bandana Bakery. As my signature look you’ll always find me in a red bandana as it symbolizes my inspiration and love for the 1950’s.

Red Bandana Bakery is your one stop shop for any and all of your delcious cravings. As an in home bakery located in Westminster, Colorado I have the ability to make you anything you desire. Please call or e-mail with any and all requests. I can’t wait to take your next special occasion to the next level with my fully customizable menu!